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Weekly Surveillance Count

New Jersey Light Traps and BioGent EVC Traps throughout different areas in the District

White WIld Flowers

Planned Control Maps


Adult mosquito control application will be applied variously throughout the district on a weekly basis.


Pine Grove Mosquito Abatement District does NOT have a formal schedule. Or surveillance counts are what controls our specified routes each week.


We do try to get each route fogged on a weekly basis. We welcome the public to call for service at anytime. 

Planned Control Routes
Mosquito Control

Prevent Backyard Mosquitos:

  • Eliminate standing water

  • Keep your gutters clean

  • Plant mosquito Repelling flowers

  • Invite bats into your yard


Mosquito Control


  • Adulticide is a type of insecticide used to kill adult mosquitoes that spread viruses like West Nile or Zika.

  • Once the adult mosquito problem has been identified, the area will be treated as quickly as possible.

  • Take note that adult mosquito control products have no residual effect, and long term control of the mosquito problem can only be achieved by controlling the larvae at the source.

  • Larva

    • Dip various standing water sites, and check if larva is present

  • Adult Mosquito

    • Using New Jersey light trap to collect mosquitoes, count each trap to see where the highest population of species are. Identify each mosquito.

West Nile Virus

A chart explaning that West Nile Virus can be transmitted between birds and mosquitos and be passed to humans and animals

Canine Heart Worm

A chart explaning hearworm transmission in dogs. A mosquito can become infected with heartworm and transmit it to dogs. Larva grow up to a foot long and can live in the heart for 5-7 years.


  • Larvicides target larvae in the breeding habitat before they can mature into adult mosquitoes and disperse.

  • We use larvicides where mosquitoes lay eggs to help reduce the number of mosquitoes in an area.

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About Us

Our Mission at Pine Grove Mosquito Abatement District is to protect the public and their health from Vector Borne Disease, as well as Quality of Life, through an extensive Mosquito and Vector Control Program. We want the friends and families within our District to enjoy the outdoors as much as we do!

District Staff

Manager - Jody Morgan

Seasonal Help 

Kathy Jasperse

Shelly Stoltenberg

Pamela Bruce

Board of Trustees

President - Jeff Earnest

Secretary - Kayse Van Staaveren

Trustee-  Vince DeCoito 

Trustee - Lynda McDaniel

Trustee - Kayse Van Staaveren

Trustee - Jill Schroeder

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PO Box 328 McArthur, CA  96056


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